"I do beauty"

What is beauty; how does beauty work; how do I know when I am face to face with beauty; what is it good for; why is it important?

Beauty is absolutely everywhere, starting in nature - that was our original instructor.

I look upon beauty as a discipline – it’s like physiology, it’s like what I did in the flying world as a pilot, what I did as a surgeon, it’s what I did as an astronaut.

Beauty is the perceptual experience. It is the interaction between this creature and that thing out there. It’s not here and it’s not there; it’s the interaction and the experience that goes on between them. It includes the emotional response, it includes the way you perceive your body reacting to those kinds of things.

My approach to beauty is to use everything – it’s to use neuro-anatomy, neuro-physiology, sensory physiology, evolutionary biology, cognitive psychology, cultural anthropology...I try to bring in everything that I can. I try to look upon everything as a changing variable: I do multi-variant analysis, I try to bring in all the disciplines that there are out there.

- Story Musgrave