Story: The Way of Water
by Anne E. Lenehan
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Biography of Astronaut Story Musgrave.

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Reader Comments

"Inspiring. That's what his book is. I appreciate the beauty in nature in much the same way Story does. Story seems to have the purpose in life all figured out. What an incredible man."

"Often I come away from a bio with the big questions still ringing in my ears (and often the author admits the same), namely, what drives this person, why have they done what they have done? With Story, Anne Lenehan has focussed quite clearly on that question over and over again, and he emerges as a most exciting and inspirational character."

"An important account of space exploration through a spiritual journey that touches the miracle of our Universe."

"It is a gripping book that keeps you riveted to the development of Story's life...I picked up the book and could not put it down until I finished it."

“Master storyteller Anne Lenehan compellingly tells Story’s remarkable story, his travels both on earth and throughout the heavens, with great tenderness and keen insight. The reader does not need to be a rocket scientist to understand the life’s journey of this remarkable astronaut.”

“This biography takes you deep into the spirit of one of America's most famous astronauts. It gives you the opportunity to get into the mind of Story Musgrave and understand what makes him the man that he is. It is a book full of poetry and inspiration."

"An intriguing insight into a most unusual man. Driven, dedicated - with a never ending desire to learn and to excel whilst always attuned to the natural world and his fellow man."

"Anne Lenehan has done a masterful job of capturing the essence of Story Musgrave - a truly amazing human being. Having worked closely with Story for more than two decades, I thought I knew him well, but I learned more and more about him with each turn of the page. A fantastic book!"

"Lenehan's insight into Story's life and career make this an unforgettable read!"

"This book provides a wonderful insight into the man and astronaut, Story. Very readable with lots of interesting anecdotes. The voice of Story comes through very clearly."

"I can't say enough about the book; it just kept me interested from beginning to end."

"I've reread some key parts of the book to prepare for the return to flight; it's a key resource."

"I think Anne Lenehan did a terrific job with the research and in capturing Story's unique personality. He's not easy to describe, as those of us who've written about him have discovered."